Press Release – 1st May 2021


At 8:30pm, 27th March 1905, Hampden Bowling Club held its first meeting. This was the 2nd phase of their journey, having been formerly known as Polmadie Bowling Club. They had been resident on Hamilton Street, Polmadie, for 28 years, before being forced to move from their site, as Glasgow City Council reclaimed their land for housing.

They moved to the vacated site of the 1st Hampden Park and incorporated Hampden Bowling Green Company Limited at 10 Kingsley Avenue, where it would operate as a Limited Company until 1921. The company was wound up on 8th August 1921, and run thereafter as an unincorporated association.

Over the next 100 years Hampden Bowling Club would operate on this basis, run by a hard working Committee and remained a cornerstone of the Crosshill community.

Following an extensive review of Hampden Bowling Club, we have taken the enormous step of changing the legal status once again and moved to Charitable Status.

We are delighted to announce we were told on 27th April 2021, and are now proudly a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Hampden Bowling Club SCIO’s charitable aims are:

  • The advancement of the public participation in sport.
  • The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended.

We have a vision for the future and today we open again for the 116th year in a row. We have survived two world world wars, two global pandemics and lived through the incredible evolution of the world, over the last century.

We are hoping that you will take an interest in the club, which not only has a brilliant bowling history, but has a unique, world beating football heritage. Our story is gathering pace and our mission is to continue being a key part of the community.

A massive thank you to the Committee, Membership and Community for their continued support of keeping Hampden Bowling Club rolling into the 21st Century.

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