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There are so many other options for people in the world today. How high up is the game of bowls on their bucket list? Getting them interested in a bowling club (or any sports club) is so difficult.

Many believe that the greatest challenge for sports clubs is membership. We believe that’s our #2. Our #1 is maintaining an effective committee structure which will protect the site and bring together all the different skillsets required to compete in the modern world to ensure the club will be here for another 100 years.

Generally it falls on the few to keep a club going. The Committee Members are the true heroes of any club. They are the unpaid volunteers that love the place, treating it like their second home and if it wasn’t for them there would be no Hampden Bowling Club or any other for that matter.

We have kept a club “open to all” and continued the sporting hub on this ground. As Ged O’Brien, Football Historian, explains: “We are on a site of world importance for sport”. Our mission is to ensure this club continues for future generations to enjoy this very special place.

Look at our Membership and Committee options to see how you can help drive Hampden Bowling Club forward.

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